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Local 1980s bands in alphabetical order [Shortcuts: | A | F | L | P | W]

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Alan Mann: Christmas on the Block, City Lights, No Deal No Sleep, Fear of Heights, Neighborhood, You Can't Talk to Her (vinyl)

Bad Sneakers: Blue Light | Anesthesia | Invisible Man

Ben Vaughn: Rock'n'Roll A--hole, The Man Who Has Everything (cassette album, The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn) Buy at .

Ben-Wah Torpedoes: Debbie's Like London (vinyl)

Beru Revue: Beam Me Up Scottie (live 1988); Be Careful Tonight, Only One, Trains Are Cool, Yoho, (live 1985, Empire Rock Club)

The Blame (Lancaster, Pa.): Little Girls in Hollywood (vinyl 1980)

Bunnydrums: Little Room, On the Surface (vinyl 1982) (Buy compilation CD)

The Cheaters: Loser, To Me (live at Stars, 1980)

The Circles: Angela, Closer and Closer, Dual Personality, Forget That Girl, Rockin' to the Core (live 1985/86 WMMR Empire Rock Club)

Dead End Kids: Anything Goes in Heaven, I'm Free, Come into My World, Midnight Moses, Things that Go Rock (CD)

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Experimental Products: WXPR-FM broadcast, "2nd Movement" | WXPN Live

Funhouse: Daddy's Girl, Coming Back, Snowblind (vinyl)

The GirlFriends: Good for a Girl | Exposure | Late Nite Lady | Silent Treatment

The Guise: Out in the Cold (Buy 7" vinyl)

Robert Hazard: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (demo) | Escalator of Life (vinyl). See for more info (2007 CD: Troubador)

The Hooters: All You Zombies, And We Danced (vinyl)

Honour Society: Tides (vinyl)

Love Bomb: Be a Light, You and Me (vinyl, Buy CD)

Kenn Kweder: Live cover of Helter-Skelter, 1986, with Radio Church of God

Essra Mohawk: Let Her Know, Silver Ships (E-Turn, cassette album, 1985) (Buy E-Turn, etc.)

Network 23 & Reesa: Senior Citizens' Bus (cassette album), Peace Pipe (live 1989)

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The Odds: She's Taking Me Out (WYSP album, Philadelphia Rock Volume One, 1982)

Pegasus: Heartbeat Away (vinyl), Love on the Line (written by Richard Bush of The A's), Drum Solo (live at Hollywood Bowl, South Jersey). Tracks co-produced by Rick DiFonzo of The A's.

Positive Craze (Interpol): Father Damian, Pretty Body, Settle Down

Pleasure Dotz: Leisure Time, TV Dinner (vinyl)

Pretty Poison: 1989 hit, Catch Me I'm Falling

The Reds: Hittin The Run from the band's 2007 CD "Fugitives from the Laughing House"; Victims (1979 single on A&M Records)

Reesa and the Rooters: Faces, The Misogynist, My Grip, Pierre (live)
TMI, Ultraman in Surf Villa (1980 vinyl)

Early, semi-acoustic and live on WXPN-FM | Article with pix, videos, mp3s.

The Resistors: Faster than Me, Turn on the Fire, Give the Girls What They Want, The Noble Lie, Him and Her, The Wrong Line (Click for more info on these tracks)

Rhythm of Lines: WXPN Christmas eve show, 1982: Telephone, Instrumental

Ruin: Rule Worshipper (Buy the CD)

Separate Checks: Don't Ever Wanna Let You Go, Fight for Love, To Sir with Love

The Stick Men: Mystery Party (vinyl) | Buy CD re-release of Insatiable album

The Sharks: You Make Me (album: Backs Against the Wall)

Suburban Wives Club: Casual Cat at a Laundromat (vinyl), Dedicated to Fun (cassette album), I Fought the Law (cover live, 1983)

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Witness: Bleedin' in the Heart (vinyl), One Good Reason (live Mickey Kelly's, Bensalem, Pa., 1982), When I'm With Her (live, Empire Rock Club, 198?)

Word of Honor: House, Morning Glory, Snow (1989 vinyl)

Youth Camp (with Joey Wilson): All My Mondays (vinyl)

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