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Dead End Kids, Cafe Ole, Leisure-Matics, Reesa and The Rooters, The Sites, Suburban Wives Club, WDVR Pictured to the left are just a few of my favorite buttons. I traded with every band I played with, and often wore dozens of them on stage.

I gave a Rooter button, the original one at left, to Laurie Anderson ('Oh, Superman') when she played at the University of Pa. I heard she wore it on her jacket as she walked the streets of Philly after the show. I also gave a Rooters button to Brian Setzer when we were hanging in the dressing room, waiting for a turn to go onstage at the Hot Club. He put it on.

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A guitar pick from The Sarcastics!

—Reesa of Reesa and The Rooters

Stray Cats
David Smith Four The Metron Rapture Los Microwaves



Univ. of Del.

The A's

Atomic Thinkers The Numbers Thee Katatonix
Baltimore punk rock
March for Women's Equality & Women's Lives, Washington, D.C., 1989



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